Rev. Yuko Halada

Rev. Yuko Halada
Rev. Yuko Halada
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Divine Activator
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The Divine Activation process converts stored emotional charges into energy and consciousness, which activates the potential and healing power of the human brain. This powerful self-development process is achieved primarily through memory processing and intelligent energy/breath work.
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Rev. Yuko Halada has a natural gift for healing deep spiritual wounds. She is an illuminating soul. She has trained in Divine Light spiritual practice for over 20 years and became an ordained minister in 2014. She is a founder, teacher and artist of Spiritual Shodo. This is a Japanese calligraphy that emits healing energy. She is also a Certified Brain Training Activator with experience that spans thousands of Activations, this including private and Group sessions. Her unique blend of spiritual works offers energy channels that open you to the vast potentials of being a human being.

Brain Training Activations are grounded in the science of brain waves and memory conversion. It is a unique higher dimensional methodology that releases unconscious blockages in our spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

By participating in Activations people experience:

· An expanded awareness and inner deep healing which can lead to a totally different level of relatedness in their intimate relationships that previously has had no possibility of success
· The ability to eliminate physical issues by addressing the root cause of a health concern
· Freedom from our mental prison of judgments and having true openness and authenticity that overcomes depression, procrastination, escapism and many other forms of addictions
· Access to the greatest gift in life, which is the integration of having the information and wisdom of an adult and the freedom and vitality of your inner child.

Yuko creates a safe and supportive space where anyone can connect with their inner sanctuary. Her impeccable insight, intuitiveness, deep caring, strong focus and intention enable her clients to reach their spiritual power and innate wisdom.”
Yuko resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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(602) 291-9856

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