James Kawainui

James Kawainui
James Kawainui
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James Kawainui Native Hawaiian Healer
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I am a Native Hawaiian Healer. I use a combination of Ancient Wisdom and Energy Healing to create miracles and permanent shifts in a person’s Light and Life
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Manalima Lomilomi, developed by Native Hawaiian Healer James Kawainui, is an unparalleled fusion of Polynesian healing modalities which evolved through wisdom passed down from a lineage going back over 20 generations. Designed to facilitate transformation at the deepest core levels, the effects of this Work is life-changing as it directly clears outdated soul patterning and cellular memory on a molecular and sub-atomic level. Results are often called nothing short of miraculous and can include:

– Significant reduction and/or elimination of chronic pain
– Significant reduction of stress, emotional trauma and depression
– Clearing of family lines and ancestral/genetic patterns
– Restoration of life force and natural energetic flow for optimum health and well-being

James’ work specializes in treatment for therapists, practitioners and healing professionals (including nurses, physicians, teachers, massage therapists, counselors, coaches, energy workers and anyone in healing or service oriented professions) to treat symptoms of burn-out and to optimize physical and energetic stamina while remaining fully grounded.

Here is and example of what people say about James’ work:

“James Light Work is an opportunity to immerse your Self in an experience that inspires soul evolution and personal transformation.
His insight and approach to the whole of your being is a spiritual art form and distinctly original.
Jame’s inner guidance is a precious gift that keeps giving. His work has the ability to refine the chaotic nodes, transcending time and space, ushering in a new paradigm of Being.
Sarah Sinclair, New Hope, PA

These are words that describe what I receive in sessions with James.
I have come to realize, though, that the power of the sessions lie more in how James
guides me to the place of trust, reassurance, acceptance, comfort and encouragement
within myself.
A trace of wisdom is always there for me to discover.
Woburn, MA

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