Energy Healer

Denise Liotta-Dennis
Business Name: Dragon Gate Feng Shui, LLC
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Short Business Description: Dragon Gate Feng Shui LLC consults with homeowners and business.
Lisa Osthelder
Business Name: My Healing Path
Short Business Description: Lisa is an energy healer and has also been called an “animal whisperer”. She works holistically with pets and their people to strengthen their connection, reduce pain, and move towards health and well-being. She starts by calming anxiety and stress so that healing may occur naturally and easily in the comfort of the animal’s home.
Mary Bell
Business Name: Foundation for Unity Consciousness
Short Business Description: Mary Bell RNC offers personal sessions, online and local seminars and professional training and supervision for healers.
Rev. Yuko Halada
Business Name: Divine Activator
Short Business Description: The Divine Activation process converts stored emotional charges into energy and consciousness, which activates the potential and healing power of the human brain. This powerful self-development process is achieved primarily through memory processing and intelligent energy/breath work.