Holistic Health Practitioners & Products

Aaron Shuster
Business Name: SunHealthAZ
Short Business Description: Ancient Chinese Herbal Foods, Drinks and Skin Care, All based on the Philosophy of Regeneration.
Amy DeLozier
Business Name: Isagenix
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I finally lost 35″ using these healthy nutrition choices, feel lean and energetic!
Bilbee Lane
Business Name: GIA Wellness
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Our Mission is to do three key things:
1) To offer life-changing wellness products and technologies that allow people to grow in their health and well-being.
2) To offer transformative experiences, resources, and training in personal growth, leadership and team to allow people to lead their best, most inspired life.
3) And to empower people with a significant business opportunity to create true financial freedom.
Cindy Sullivan
Business Name: Arbonne
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Arbonne is transforming your health & life with pure, safe, & beneficial products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others. We offer botanically-based nutrition, weight-loss, essential oils, skin care, body care, and beauty products, plus the ability to create asset income for those who aspire to attain it.
Business Name: HealthStyles 4 You
Short Business Description: I teach you how to use food as medicine.
I focus not only on nutrition, but how relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality are related to eating, sleeping and stress levels. Ultimately, I help people transform their habits to become healthier and improve their lifestyle.