Personal Development Coach

Jim Hamilton
Business Name: CORE Resonance Systems
Business Category:
Short Business Description: J.Hamilton is the founder of CORE Resonance Systems in Sedona Arizona, which features CORE Resonance Training™ as a series of steps designed to quiet the brain and nervous system and re-enable one’s natural state of connection with Source. As we achieve this partnership, relaxation and nonresistance becomes available – an alternate to creating reality based on fear and doubt, and resistance and reaction to our surroundings.
Kenyon Curtis
Business Name: Human Communications Institute
Business Category:
Short Business Description: There are usually 1-2 things stopping most people from taking action or getting to the next level, get quick results and progress working with Michael Bernoff.
Lauralee Green
Business Name: Psychic Extraordinaire
Short Business Description: Psychic readings answering life’s persistent questions about career, relationships, money, health, family, travel, etc. Predict the future, talk to dead people, assist with life’s purpose.
Linda Clements, C.Ht.
Business Name: MindAbility
Short Business Description: Behavior Modification and Mental Fitness using non-traditional tools