Spiritual Healer

James Kawainui
Business Name: James Kawainui Native Hawaiian Healer
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I am a Native Hawaiian Healer. I use a combination of Ancient Wisdom and Energy Healing to create miracles and permanent shifts in a person’s Light and Life
Mary Bell
Business Name: Foundation for Unity Consciousness
Short Business Description: Mary Bell RNC offers personal sessions, online and local seminars and professional training and supervision for healers.
Rev. Yuko Halada
Business Name: Divine Activator
Short Business Description: The Divine Activation process converts stored emotional charges into energy and consciousness, which activates the potential and healing power of the human brain. This powerful self-development process is achieved primarily through memory processing and intelligent energy/breath work.
Swami Parameshwarananda
Business Name: Swami On Call
Short Business Description: Offering workshops, talks, coaching, spiritual partnerships, books, recordings