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Cricket Peterson
Business Name: Cricket Realty
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Realtor for 25 years and a resident in the valley since 1974. Certified Master Gardener since 11-2017.
Business Name: HealthStyles 4 You
Short Business Description: I teach you how to use food as medicine.
I focus not only on nutrition, but how relationships, career, physical activity and spirituality are related to eating, sleeping and stress levels. Ultimately, I help people transform their habits to become healthier and improve their lifestyle.
Dave Rosen
Business Name: Dave & Amy Rosen Enterprises
Business Category:
Short Business Description: As an ACN Independent Business Owner, we connect our customers with the services that connect them to their world. Essential services like wireless phone services, High Speed Internet, television, home security, natural gas and electricity and more. We also help people build a home-based business with global possibilities - with ACN, risk is low, potential is limitless and success is defined on your terms.
David Hepburn Jr
Business Name: Mentoring Your Success
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I help you see the things you don't want to see, do the things you don't want to do, so that your business can become all you want it to be.
David Meeker
Business Name: Highland Capital Solutions
Short Business Description: Highland Capital Solutions’ goal is to show individuals like yourself the alternative opportunities that are available in the investment arena that most people do not know exist. By working with investors who are looking to increase their capital by investing in the buying or selling of notes in relation to real estate, these individuals can increase their capital cash flow by means outside the traditional institutional lending and investing arenas.
David Pandone
Business Name: Ameridex Wealth Advisors
Short Business Description: As an Ameridex Wealth Adviser I help clients accumulate and protect their wealth using sections of the tax code that are commonly utilized by affluent families, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs due to their access to and help of CPA's, accountants, and attorneys.
Debra Jastrow
Business Name: Tatum Insurance
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I represent about 2 dozen different carriers and specialize in business and commercial lines but do write my fair share of home and auto. In 2013 I earned my Associate in Insurance Services designation. My goal as your agent is to provide you with what you need and to educate so you can make an informed decision about your policy.
Denise Liotta-Dennis
Business Name: Dragon Gate Feng Shui, LLC
Business Category: ,
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Short Business Description: Dragon Gate Feng Shui LLC consults with homeowners and business.
Dolly Kennedy
Business Name: Dolly Steamboat
Short Business Description: Join us on the Dolly Steamboat for an unforgettable “mini- vacation” on spectacular Canyon Lake and see for yourself why there’s nothing quite like a ride on Arizona’s Dolly Steamboat.
Donna Bochow
Business Name: Aesthetic & Wellness Alliance
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Short Business Description: The AWA is an organization dedicated to connecting the Aesthetics and Wellness Community through networking, educational forums and community to grow together both personally and in business. We are your Partners, Advocates and guide to overall Health, Medical Aesthetics and Wellness to keep up with the increasing demand by customers and owners to create a healing destination for spa's.

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